How is celandine used for warts?

wart celandine plant

Celandine, due to its useful properties, is very actively used in both cosmetology and medicine.

It is also very important to know that celandine can be a useful and at the same time dangerous plant, therefore, when using it in home recipes, you need to be extremely careful.

Freshly squeezed celandine juice is rich in many different useful substances.

Proper use of it helps get rid of warts, corns and acne.

What do we mean by the phrase "correct use" of warts?

We will tell you everything in this article.

The use of celandine in the treatment of warts

The method of getting rid of unpleasant warts at home involves the use of fresh juice of celandine stalk.

First, before applying the juice, you need to moisten the wart with water, then gently rub the fresh celandine juice into it.

This procedure should be repeated about four times a day.

And the entire full course of such treatment can last up to 2-4 weeks.

And the darkening of the wart and its gradual wrinkling, after which its complete disappearance, will testify to the positive result of this treatment.

Also effective in the fight against warts are ointments based on dried celandine juice: mix equal parts of celandine juice with petroleum jelly and, with the resulting mixture, lubricate the existing warts several times a day. The same alternative from a mixture of celandine juice with glycerin.

Also, some believe that ingesting drops of squeezed celandine juice can help eliminate warts, but this is very dangerous, as the plant is poisonous.

Application in medicine

In medicine, warts are removed, both by cosmetologists and dermatologists. In this regard, representatives of traditional medicine have their own proven methods of solving this problem. An effective method of this type is the use of ointments prepared on the basis of celandine. During this procedure, the warts are also wetted with water and around the wart, to protect the skin, it is necessary to treat it with a baby cream. Celandine-tipped ointment should be applied to the problem area. This method must be repeated according to the attached instructions.

Beware, celandine is a poisonous plant!

In addition to all the useful qualities, there are some precautions and contraindications in the use of products based on celandine.

It is important for everyone to know that this plant contains poison, which has the ability to burn the skin.

And the removal of warts with the help of celandine components is fraught with wound healing for a long time.

And if the warts are in the face area, then when they are removed, a scar may remain, which is unpleasant.

And in case of contact with the skin of the fresh concentrated juice of this plant, it often causes a micro-burning of the skin.

And due to the high toxicity and danger of celandine it is contraindicated in the treatment of young children and pregnant and lactating women.

Always be healthy and beautiful!